A very little key

Charles Dickens said, “A very little key will open a very heavy door.” For me, a little key unlocked the creaky and warped—and yes, very heavy–10 foot doors of an old church. Those doors led to months of planning and preparation, followed by many more months of decision making, setbacks, traipsing through mud and snow, being chilled to the bone, and working harder than I knew I could. Launching Homewood Interiors, and taking on a major renovation at the same time may have been recklessly optimistic on my part…but it has also been exhilarating. This week, as we installed the magnificent, custom mahogany doors at the church, which now houses Homewood Interiors, it occurred to me how very important our entryways are.

Does your front door welcome your guests and reflect the warmth within? Maybe it’s time to give it a once over, freshen up the hardware, sweep away the little bits of leftover holiday decorations, or even replace it. Doors, whether lovely or foreboding, are meant to be both opened and closed. Good sense requires that we also be content to close the door behind us on design trends that have outlived their usefulness – be it a tired front door, carpeted bathrooms, or harvest gold kitchen appliances!

I find inspiration for my work in my daily life and travels…take a look at these two charming doors I came across on a recent trip to Tuscany. The unusually placed hardware and gorgeous ironwork just add to their appeal. My hope is that you will find my musings and little design “keys” in the months and years ahead to be helpful, perhaps even inspiring, and that you will take a few moments to consider the doorways you encounter. I am delighted to have this space to share my experiences and hopefully, a few useful ideas for living a well-designed life. I also hope that you will check back frequently for updates, as I look forward to opening my doors at Homewood Interiors to you soon!