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Homewood Interiors believes that every space is unique and should reflect the individuals who live or work there. Our experienced team of designers bring insight and creative solutions to every project, and the end result is a functional, timeless space. The most effective way to ensure this happens is close collaboration between the design team and the client from the very beginning of a project.

The design experience starts with an initial consultation where the requirements, needs, and dreams of the client are reviewed in detail. Once the goals, budget and priorities are established, a custom design plan is prepared that may include concept sketches, photos and finish samples to help visualize the finished space.

We can manage every aspect of your residential or commercial design project and our services include:

  • New construction, renovation and project management
  • Space planning
  • Material and finish specifications
  • Furniture design and selection
  • Lighting
  • Window treatments and upholstery
  • Accessories and art
  • Purchasing
  • Turn-key installation


“ Stacia delights her clients with elegant and functional spaces to be enjoyed for many years to come. ”

Stacia Smith

Stacia Smith, principal designer and founder of Homewood Interiors, brings an upbeat and easygoing energy to each project she undertakes. With her unique sense of humor and a somewhat irreverent approach to decorating, Stacia immediately puts new clients at ease as she guides them through the challenges and occasional frustrations of homebuilding and interior design. From the initial planning stages and selections, through creative solutions and problem solving, Stacia is personally involved with each of her clients, and every aspect of the project. Whether working from blueprints on a home under construction, designing spaces that reflect a distinct corporate image, or simply breathing new life into an existing room, Stacia’s twenty-plus years of experience make the process as stress free for her clients as possible.

Homewood Interiors is a comprehensive interior design firm, catering to the individual needs of residential and corporate clients in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Delaware. Stacia Smith earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nevada at Reno and initially worked as a copywriter for an international company in Hong Kong. She developed a passion for design in her position as Creative Services Director for a firm in London, where she dressed sets. Prior to founding Homewood Interiors in 2012, Stacia designed countless homes with an interior design firm she co-founded in Ellicott City, Maryland.


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Those of us who are obsessed with interior design might say we worship at its altar. But for one designer in Maryland, that’s literally the case. Stacia Smith, a designer in Glenelg, MD, recently renovated an 1889-era church to be an office and studio for her business, Homewood Interiors.

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Howard County folks once worshiped at the 1889 church whose neo-Gothic steeple overlooks the fork of two Glenelg roads. The former Providence United Methodist Church later became Tatiana, a go-to place for unique and beautiful pottery. Today, renovated, restored and redecorated, the structure’s new identity is Homewood Interiors, where designer Stacia Smith plies her trade.

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Stacia Smith has never been afraid of renovations. The principal designer and founder of Homewood Interiors was fearless in transforming a centuries-old church into the new location of her company.

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With more than 20 years of experience under her belt, Stacia Smith has a fair share of projects in her oeuvre. The Baltimore-based designer explains why this room, in a historic property, is her personal favorite.

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Stacia Smith, principal designer and founder of Homewood Interiors engaged an architectural firm specialized in historic building restorations to give a new life to this church from the late 1880s. The now 3,800 square foot home is located in Glenelg, a rural village in Maryland, USA.

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